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Application form and Prospectus
Application form and prospectus can be had from the school office on payment of Rs.25/- in cash. Thoes wish to have the form of application and prospectus by post have to send a money order for Rs.25/- addressed to the principal. The form of application and prospectus can be downloaded from the school website (
Submission of Application
i) "The aplication forms duly filled up together with self attested copies of certificates to prove age & qualification should reach the Principal either by post or by hand before the last date prescribed.
ii)Original Certificates should not be sent along with the application. Applications which are incomplete or which are improper of defective will be rejected. Late application will not be considered.
iii) Late admissions, on valid grounds, can be made only with the approval of Director, Higher Secondary Education.
Selection of candidates
Selection for admission to the course will be made by the Principal of the Higher Secondary School from the rank list prepared on the basis of merit, subject to reservation for various categaries, as indicatedd below. 40% of the seats shall be filled on merit, 12% for SC and 8% for ST are reserved and the remaining 40% shall be filled by the Management.
Admission Procedure:- Under the grading system admission is given on the basis of grade points. Point in propotion to grade is given below, the Grade point Average (GPA) is to be found out by using the grade points shown above. Then add GPA of the subjects related to the group which the candidate requires thereby findout the Weighted Grade Point Average (WGPA). The rank list is prepered on the basis of WGPA and bonus points. The formula to findout WGPA is
All subjects Grade Value + Total grade value of the subjects to which weightage is given
Total no.of subjects + Total no.of subjects to which weightage is given Bonus Points: Certain categories of students are eligible for bonus points. While preparing the ranklist these points are added to the total grade points to calculate WGPA. Points can be added to GPA as given in the table below.
  Section Grade
  N.C.C 2
  Scout/Guide 2
  Children and dependents of Jawan’s
and Ex-service men
  Same School 1
Candidates provisionally selected will be required to appear for an interview before the Principal on a specified date. Those who fail to turn up for interview will forfeit for admission. The selected candidates should be appear for interview with the documents listed below:- Memo received from the school SSLC Book/Equivalent Certificate T.C from the institution last attended. Conduct Certificate from the institution last attended Three copies of passport size photographs Nativity and community Certificate (in case of SC/ST,OEC)
The parent or guardian should accompany the candidates at the time of interview. Caution
The student should follow the disciplinary rules of the Institution.
Any kind of harassment in the form of ragging should invite strict disciplinary action includ ing dismissal from school.
The use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the campus.
The students are not allowed to enter the campus with Motor bikes if they have no valid driving license. Wearing Muftha is mandatory for Muslim Girls.
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